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Episode 87 – Sidney, Sidney, Sidney ("Scream 4")

Kevin & Chris slash up Stab-a-Thon month with anti-remake fourquel, Scream 4 (2011).

6 months ago

Kevin & Chris slash up Stab-a-Thon month with the anti-remake fourquel, Scream 4 (2011). The 'mos talk trouble in Woodsboro (again), precocious teenagers & indestructible O.G.s, multiple movies-within-a-movie, torture porn & remake culture satire, a camptastic killer & prescient social media commentary, Gale doppelgänger #3, behind-the-scenes madness + unproduced sequels, and more. Bonus topics include 2000s horror trends, a few Cursed asides, and some proposed Scream franchise spin-offs.

NOTE: In February, we're taking a break from recording and going on hiatus, but we'll be back in March with a fun and eclectic line-up of films. Thanks for listening as always folks!

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